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Bachman's Eco Effort

In order to reduce our environmental impact, as well as become more sustainable and eco-friendly, we have launched Bachman’s Eco Effort. This new initiative not only serves plants more efficiently, but will also conserve water, reduce our carbon emissions, and lessen our usage of pesticides and fertilizers.

Serving your plants best!

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Our Initiative


As part of our Eco Effort we install container inserts with sub-irrigation container inserts as needed. These inserts hold water in a reservoir and release that water into the soil as needed, allowing your plants to consume only what they require at any given time. This self-watering technology balances moisture and oxygen in the soil so your plants stay healthy, strong, and stress-free. Because sub-irrigated plants also require less frequent maintenance, we service plants on a two-week rotation. This frequency is considered best practice throughout our industry, showing us that plants perform better on a two-week service rotation. 

Sub-irrigation container inserts are an effective self-watering technology. A plastic tube inside of the insert is positioned in the plant to sense the moisture. When the plant is dry, the sensor at the end of the tube allows air to flow in. This vacuum pressure pushes a plug that regulates the flow of water, and releases it into the bottom of the container. The plant happily takes this water up its roots. 

How It Works

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