Garden Maintenance

Taking good care of your garden benefits your family and business in many ways. Not only is it a place to enjoy nature, but with regular maintenance your garden becomes an enjoyable, relaxing extension of your home, property, or business. Our talented and creative Garden Maintenance and Seasonal Décor teams provide routine maintenance and care of your landscape and gardens. Your plants, shrubs, and trees will thrive and your residence will impress with seasonal solutions for garden beds, planters, décor, and more!

Our Services

We offer a complete range of residential and commercial garden services. Whether you want us to do it all or just a few things at a time, you can customize a plan that is managed by a member of Bachman's highly trained and creative horticultural staff.

Small Plantings

Our team is equipped to help you transform your small garden beds into beautiful displays showcasing annuals, perennials, and small shrubs. We can even design outdoor containers to bring a splash of color to other areas of your home's exterior.

Regular Maintenance

Don't have the time to maintain your beautiful landscape? Our team can help! With this service, Bachman's can be in your yard regularly to make sure it always stays looking fresh and gorgeous.

Seasonal Decorating

Want to refresh the look of your outdoor décor to match the season? If you're not sure where to begin, let Bachman's help you decorate your home with fresh, seasonal décor! Our team has creative and unique ideas that will make your home’s exterior truly special year-round.

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Contact Bachman's Garden Maintenance by filling out our online form for new customers or call us at (612) 861-7646 to discuss your options and to set up an appointment.

Other Services

Other Services

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