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Installing New Plant Material
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Installing plant material is no easy task, but we understand the appeal of doing a landscape installation yourself. After each plant has settled into their new home, it’s a great feeling to sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty you’ve just created. To guide you, we’ve created these planting instructions specific to your soil type. Print any that may be of use to you as you set forth installing your new plants. After all is said and done, learn the best practices for maintaining your new landscape here.

Before Planting

Before planting, you will need to determine your soil type. To determine if you have heavy (clay) soil or light (sandy/loamy) soil, grab a handful of fairly dry soil and mold into a lump. Light soils will crumble slightly as you bounce the lump in your open palm. Heavy soils will maintain a firm, smooth lump. Next, get some of the soil wet and rub it between your fingers. Light soil feels coarse while heavy soil feels slippery and smooth.

Once you've determined your soil type, plant using the corresponding instructions. After you've planted your material, make sure to water your plants according to your soil type as well.

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