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Jessica Conley

Interior Plantscape Designer

"Adding plants to interior spaces increases our overall well-being by purifying the air, boosting our moods and activity levels, enhancing the environment, and reducing stress levels."

Jessie works with a wide scope of projects, including moss art, living plant walls, conservatories, built-in planter beds, holiday decor, and large-scale commercial planting.  She finds joy in bringing the outside in and helping others share in the many benefits of plants. Jessie focuses on creating a sense of wellness in workspaces through nature and has a special connection with the world of interior plantscaping. With her background in education, horse training, and as a mental health provider, Jessie brings unique skills and creativity to find custom solutions for each unique space. Jessie’s passion for plants led her to study horticulture and interior design and pursue a lifelong hobby of gardening.

Call to request Jessie at (612) 861-7646, or send her an email below.

(For product availability questions, please call our horticulture desk at (612) 861-7676.)

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